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Rediscovering Adventure | How E Bikes Are Changing Mountain Biking

– An E-bike is more mountain bike than ever before. E-bikes are making adventure much, much, more possible. Real adventure then is not supported by a berm or dependable indirections are red or a blue. It’s seasons are limited and it’s directions and boundaries are not defined. E-bikes have changed everything. (computerized lighten bolt glitching) […]

Cycling the Cambodian Coast | Bicycle Tour Around the World #16

We’ve come across the border…and there’s an Arsenal bar. But you’re not supposed to take pictures at the border post. Ohh! First few km in Cambodia and everyone’s cycling from school. That’s nice innit. We made it to the beach! 7000km Wave! Made it to the Cambodian coast. Matthew enjoying his Pina Colada… …at sunset. […]

What Should You Upgrade Next On Your Road Bike? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 24

(dramatic music) – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – Coming up this week we tackle the age-old question, what should your next upgrade be? – We take a look at an unreleased bike currently being raced on the World Tour. – Yeah, and one that isn’t being raced at the World Tour, because it’s […]

Cycling Kyrgyzstan Part 1 | Bicycle Tour Around the World #3

Kak vaz a voot? Abdul Rahman. Nice to meet you. Is Kyrgyzstan. Rahmat. He just gave us an ice-cream. Decent looking mountains over there…. Kyrgyzstan!! Pretty nice campsite… Have you ever cycled through a landslide before? No. Was it fun? In the middle of absolute nowhere but look what we’ve got. I’ve got a nice […]

Colombians, Cobbles And Crashes | The Cycling Racing News Show

(race countdown beeping) – This week on the GCN Racing News Show, an unbelievable number of crashes at Tirreno Adriatico and one of the most dramatic stage finishes I’ve seen for a long time. We also have the youngest winner of Paris Nice for 38 years, plus the Women’s World Tour which continues with the […]

Coolest Age-Group Bike Tech From Ironman 70.3 World Championships 2019!

– With over 5000 bikes getting racked here and setup for transition over the two days for both the women and the men, racing at Ironman 70.3 World Championships. It would be rude if I didn’t go and take a closer look, because every bike is unique. Everyone’s got their own setup, their own little […]

CROSETS, Champéry bike park, Switzerland

Ok We are starting… …on a red slope… …in Champery… …behind Gab’ ok The rear brake is not very awake It doesn’t lock the wheels Pure flow! A bit long! Cut your speed, it’s nice It’s the first video of the morning, rather calm We slowly waking up Nice! Big flow this morning, Big flow! […]