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Review: Focus Jam² Electric Trail Bike

I’m Brett from The New Wheel electric bike shop. We are a retailer and service point for electric bicycles in San Francisco and Marin. Today, I’m with the brand new Focus Jam Squared Electric Mountain Bike. This is a bike that we are exceedingly excited about. This is a game-changing electric mountain bike, and so […]

Our First Bikes: Where Did It Begin? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 75

– Welcome to the GCN tech show. This week we’ve got information on new bikes. We’ve got environmentally sound products plus some new shoes. – And then we talk about our first ever bikes. – Oh, looking forward to this one. (energetic electronic music) (metallic swiping) – Right this week then we’re celebrating first bikes […]

Brand New Cervelo S5 & Retro Bike Special | GCN Tech Show Ep. 40

(high tech swooshing) – For this week we’ve got confirmation of that spy shot that we were sent in a few weeks back. It’s that new Cervelo S5. And highlights of that include a 13% stiffer head tube and a 25% stiffer bottom bracket. – And loads more of that to come. (energetic electronic music) […]

NEW BIKE… AGAIN! :D – first ride: Conway WME829 carbon -subtitled-

they say 29ers are rolling over everything… lets test that… nah one more try nope… I think 27,5″ wheels would have performed similar – not rolling over everything wheelies nicely even with new brakes cat as you can see: I got another new bike this time with 29inch wheels – my first 29er bike going […]

Tour de France & Eurobike Tech Special | GCN Tech Show Ep. 28

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. As ever, we’ve got a whole heap of tech that’s launched for you this week. As well as that, Si and Oliver, they’re over at Eurobike in Germany, which is a humongous trade show. They’re gonna be bringing you their latest in tech from there, too. (upbeat instrumental […]


Good morning guys finally the big day when you finally see the motorbike because you were stressing me, it’s a bmw s1000 xr in reality only a few of you guessed it but I would talk about it later because now it’s a boring road up to Florence unless we give gas but at that […]

All-new 2020 Canyon Strive CFR LTD | First Look & Ride With Fabien Barel

– Well, it’s all about racing here today on GMBN. We’re in the South of France with the Canyon Factory Race Team. And we’ll be taking a look at the Strive CFR. Now, if you recall in 2019 Canyon featured quite prominently in the Enduro World Series with top five placings in both the men […]

Dimension Data’s BMC Timemachine Road 01 | Ryan Gibbons’ Pro Bike

– This is the BMC Timemachine Road 01 of Dimension Data for 2019. Of course Dimension Data, they have swapped over from Cervelo bikes for the season. Let’s have a look at what I think is a really striking design. (lofi music) (graphic whooshing) (graphic thudding) And the Timemachine is the aero road race bike […]