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I took my GF & dog for a walk :)

hey there everyone is Theo today Xoe and I went for a walk with Tommy we went to just some nature trail down the road from us and we got to go see the water for the first time for Tommy and we also collected shells, and what else did we do- we got rocks. […]

Mount7 | Mountainbiking in Freiburg

Biking is a fascination. Once you get hooked, you can’t get away from it. I enjoy biking most in the early morning hours, when it’s still quiet outside. Freiburg is probably one of the best towns in the world to pursue this passion. You’re in the midst of a lively city and yet the center […]

Shredding Some Trails | A Mountain Biking Short Film

(Music) DANIEL: Howdy, my name’s Daniel. I’m nineteen. I’ve been mountain biking for about three or four years now. And I really like mountain biking just because I get to be out in nature. And y’know, just shred some cool trails, so yeah. (Instrumental music) (Upbeat music) Yeah, so I actually started mountain biking about […]