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Gabby Barrett Answers Hot 20 Questions 🔥 Hot 20 | CMT

(energetic rock music) – What’s up guys? Gabby Barrett here and these are my “Hot 20 Questions.” If your life had a theme song right now, what would it be? “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” Elvis Presley. Yell the first word that comes to your mind right now. CMT. What’s the first thing you do […]

Hill Climb Racing Sountrack | Album Tracklist Revealed!

Hey guys, what’s up! It’ me, music composer Filippo. Welcome Back to my Youtube channel. Today I want to talk you about, once more, the Hill Climb Racing 2 sountrack. It’s been a while since my last video, but today I can confirm that all the music tracks have been put together and I can […]

The Grand Old Duke Of York | Nursery Rhyme Song

Oh The Grand Old Duke of York He had 10,000 men He marched them up to the top of the hill and he marched them down again And when they were up they were up And when they were down they were down And when they were only halfway up they were neither up nor […]

Music for Free on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route – Trailer

Hi, this is Ben Weaver. That musician and poet guy who rides his bike through the woods, carrying a guitar and a banjo strapped to it. Last year, I was 500 miles into a trip, making my way through the rainy, muddy backroads of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I stopped for a snack along a river, […]

My First Time Biking to Work

(intense music) – Let’s go save the world. ♪ Turn it up ♪ (trap music playing) (gentle music) – I am so proud of you. You are so sexy when you’re eco-friendly. (chuckles) – Baby, you can say goodbye to fossil fuels and hello to… Disposable income (heavy breathing) – Good luck! – Hashtag one […]


Imma night rider Imma night rider I could buy you Louis vuiton if you want more I got money in the vault It’s a one time thing we can keep it on the low Just tell me where you want to go Where you wanna go I can take you places you aint been before […]

This BMX Trick Took 50 Tries

This is one of the hardest tricks I’ve ever done on BMX. There’s so many different rotations. I’m R. Willy. And my world’s first is a Silly Willy on BMX. [MUSIC PLAYING] So the Silly Willy, AKA 360 double front flip on BMX, came about because I landed on scooter about three years before. And […]