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10 Saddle Bag Essentials To Take On Every Bike Ride

– When it comes to packing your saddle bag, the question everyone really asks is well, what do you actually need? So in this video, I’m gonna run you through all the things that we think you should be taking out on your bike. (tranquil hip hop music) – Let’s start off with the obvious […]

5 Essential Tools You Need To Work On Your Mountain Bike

– No matter what level of mountain bike rider you are, you’re gonna need to do some sort of basic maintenance on your bike. Even if it’s just cleaning it and running an Allen key over it to make sure it’s safe. Now of course you’re gonna need some tools to do that and we […]

Bike Storage Solutions For Racing | Neil’s BC Bike Race Setup

– I’m here in Vancouver. I’ve just taken part in one day of the BC Bike Race. I’ll talk you through what tools I took with me on that day and how I carried my gear. (upbeat music) I’ve rode day five, that was the Queen stage, the biggest stage of the race. It was […]

Ten Things To Take On A Mountain Bike Ride

– Here at GMBN, we love a good trail centre but, as with any mountain biking, being prepared is the name of the game. – So these are the top 10 things we take with us when going to a trail centre. (solo drum music) – Number one, a car boot kit that always stays […]

How To Choose A Multi-tool For Cycling

– A multi tool should be a staple item for any cyclist to take with them on a ride, no matter how well-tuned and fettled your bike, mechanical problems can still happen, ones that can be easily fixed if you’ve got the right tool with you. The question is though, what is the right multi […]

How To Carry Your Cycling Spares

– For all but the shortest bike rides, you’re gonna need to take some stuff with you. At the bare minimum, a mini-pump, a multi-tool, and an inner tube to help you fix any road-side mechanical problems. – Yeah and avoid having to walk home. Weirdly, though, how you choose to carry that stuff is […]

5 MTB Tools that Live in your Bike

Welcome to Grand Junction Colorado, home of the Lunch Loops trail system. You’ll find quite a few riders spending their lunch breaks here, as any one of these loops takes just a few minutes. Because the trailhead is always within reach, you don’t need a lot of gear to ride the lunch loops. On the […]