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Mudguards Vs No Mudguards | Do They Make A Difference When Riding An E-Bike?

– Mudguards, uncool and ugly? Or, an accessory that gives you more vision, control, and speed? Now, many two-wheeled disciplines have been using mudguards or fenders for decades, but roadies and mountain bikers? Nah, way too uncool. (electronic beeping) Mudguards come in a whole range of shapes, sizes, and materials. Mudhugger, Zefal, RRP, Crud, Defender, […]

+15000w Ebike Walk Around [+100km/h]

Hello to all you viewers, so It’s finally time for the bike introduction video Many of you have hoped for this and I should have made this sooner but you know 😀 So let’s start this tour from propably one of the most important thing on an ebike Wich is the battery And you can […]