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all right people huh yeah all right people where y’all I guess this is a little special video for you guys it’s actually a weekday and uh man I can’t even remember how long it’s been since we wrote twice in one week so we got Jack we got Trev we’re gonna do it do […]

GRAVEL BIKE dans le givre et/ou la boue autour de Saignelégier

What we’ll we do? What? Well, ok, I’ll answer Today we’re in the Bois It’s cold Above the clouds We’ll make the path around Saignelégier, you find it on Suisse Mobile We want to see if in the shadows It’s frozen and/or risky It will be We’ll find out It will be We will see […]

Mudguards Vs No Mudguards | Do They Make A Difference When Riding An E-Bike?

– Mudguards, uncool and ugly? Or, an accessory that gives you more vision, control, and speed? Now, many two-wheeled disciplines have been using mudguards or fenders for decades, but roadies and mountain bikers? Nah, way too uncool. (electronic beeping) Mudguards come in a whole range of shapes, sizes, and materials. Mudhugger, Zefal, RRP, Crud, Defender, […]

Can You Dirt-Proof Your Bike? | Surface Coating Your Road Bike

Oliver: Can you make your bike dirt-proof? Imagine a bike where dirt and grime doesn’t stick to it. A bike where the components and frame actively repel dirt because of the surface coating on them. It sounds a bit like science fiction, but it’s not. This tech actually already exists. It’s commonly used in the […]


So anything can happen Roman isfavorite, Sonny Goggia rides very well Tom Pastel has a great level we have already seen Flo Peyret the same, there is really a good level Loïc Pezzutti that we haven’t seen lately but who also has a good level of super enduro all that so anything can happen it […]

Crawl Readers Ride South 2013 Presented by Holley EFI

alright we’re out here at Wooly’s offroad park just outside Lynnville Tennessee we’re here for the third annual CRAWL reader’s ride in the south this is the second time that we’ve had the guys from Holley fuel injection with us and it’s just a great partnership they get to come out show that Holley EFI […]

How To Ride An E Bike In The Mud | EMTB Winter Riding Tips

– You’ve got to love riding mud. I mean, I love it, sliding, drifting, in and out of control. Now, you might think I’m about to dive into a video where I tell you what and what not to do in terms of technique, but there’s loads of things to consider before you even hit […]