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Welcome to a new video, today we are building the new downhill beast! Supported by Norco, Mountainlove and Shimano! Big thx to everyone! The whole saint group, a Fox 49 and Dt Swiss will be my parts of choice. Let’s go! Also Maxxis supports me for this season! Stoked! As you can see, i’m gonna […]

MTB Riding Position Tips w/ Elliott Heap | CRC |

So here we are first how to video and obviously for the conditions that we’re in, i’m in my back garden in Wigan and basically what I’m gonna do over the next few weeks is do a couple of how-to videos on what you guys wanna see. I have my own coaching company Ride MTB […]

HOW I WASH MY BIKE (cum imi spal bicicleta)

Hi my name is Oliver Today I will make a tutorial How I wash my bike What products do I use It is nothing complicated , it’s just this product It’s the best I’ve used First of all , just spray the bike with the cleaner , no water needed We can use it on […]


Hi everyone, today we are in Prague, we took our enduro bikes We will do some urban riding here in Prague and we will see how many times we will get fined We are at the Prague Castle right now, we haven’t ridden yet so we will see I think we will get banned really […]

Why Do I Live In A Van? (Hint: It’s NOT for Instagram)

I get asked all the time how I can live in a van, and it feels like a weird question. I mean, the real question is, how did I live in a car? What I’m trying to say is, if you first have a good enough reason why, you’ll figure out the how. So, today, […]

Building and Riding the Backyard Whale Tail

Today, we’re visiting dirt merchant—no, not that Dirt Merchant. The Dirt Merchant. Like, a dude with dirt…inventory. This particular dirt is free because the merchant’s trying to get rid of it. You get something different in every scoop, mainly clay, sand, lots of shale, and the occasional glove or pipe fitting. And we’re gonna need […]


THIS VIDEO WAS RECORDED BEFORE THE ARRIVAL OF CORONA VIRUS These ones? the grip xD I have climbed them once Is this a shortcut? What a view , without trash At least here it’s nice right? oh no This sign is so big Hollywood Downhill bye oops , I am in a high gear now […]