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How To Treat Your Mountain Bike Right This Valentines Day

(electronic booming) – [Narrator] It’s Valentine’s Day and the perfect time to show those most important in your life just how much you love them. So, let’s follow Blake along as he ticks all the boxes as the perfect partner. So, let’s start with a Valentine’s favorite. Treat your one and only to a lovely […]

Essential First Upgrades | How to Upgrade your MTB?

This … is my Scott Sub Cross 20 I’m going to tell you how I souped it up to make it the awesome, do-it-all machine that it is My upgrades apply to both mountain bikes and hybrid bikes, so if you’re looking for an improved riding experience … keep watching Let’s start with the most […]

Top Ten Cheap Or Free MTB Upgrades

– [Neil] Who likes a freebie? – [Scott] I do. – Lucky. This is our top 10 upgrades for little or no money. Make your own front mudguard. Make a template out of cardboard that fits onto your fork base and wrap it around the fork legs, and then cut one out of plastic. I’ve […]

Top 10 Hacks To Make You Faster | Mountain Bike Skills & Tips

Hacks are things you can do to make your life easier, save you some money, or improve your ride. These are our Top 10 Hacks to Make You Faster. ♪ [music] ♪ Aerodynamics make a massive difference at speeds over 20 kilometers an hour, so if you’re really serious about going faster, why not wear […]