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10 Unique Bike Products Reviewed Brutally

Today we’re going to have a look at 10 unique products for mountain bikers, gravel extraordinaries, or anyone who likes to pedal. And I hope you find this video entertaining because I actually lost one of the products while getting footage; this Tiny GoPro tripod. While packing up in the dark after a night ride, […]

Box One MTB Derailleur & Shifter – What’s the deal?

The mountain bike drivetrain market is dominated by Shimano and Sram, and has been for quite some time. In fact, they are the only two viable options right now if you want a 1×11 or anything remotely high end. Can’t anyone else make this stuff? Specialized makes their own dropper post, and Cannondale has been […]

10 Bike Products Ranging from Terrible to Great

In the Southeastern US, we’re already seeing hints of Spring. But the trails are still too wet to ride. So today we’ll take to the garage and examine another 10 products, for mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Let’s get started. The Bomber Strap is a mini tailgate pad that holds a single mountain bike, and […]

More New Mountain Bike Tech For 2018 | GMBN At Eurobike

– Eurobike 2017. We’re going to have a little walk around and see what sort of cool tech bits and pieces we can find. Come and have a look, I’ll show you the best stuff around. (upbeat electronic music) So for 2018, Camelbak have got two new packs; they’ve got the TORO and they’ve got […]

10 Hacks for Mountain Bikers in a Pinch

10 Bike Hacks If you’ve ever carried your bike through your house or apartment like this, you know how difficult it can be to navigate tight spaces. So next time do it like a pro mechanic: Turn your bike upright. This gives your bike a smaller footprint and reduces its turning radius, keeping your home […]

10 MTB Product Reviews | for better or worse

It seems like these days, product review videos are more for entertainment than for information. A lot of us really like gear and products. If that’s not you, come back next week and we’ll be talking about something else, but today we’ll be taking a look at 10 products for mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts. […]

New Mountain Bike Tech For 2018 | GMBN At Eurobike

– We’re here at EuroBike 2017. It’s the world’s biggest bike show. And we’re checking out some of the crazy tech from all around these massively busy halls. Come with me and have a little look. (upbeat music) Just checking the new Shimano Ranger shoes. This is the AM9, which is the flagship downhill shoe […]

10 Product Reviews Loosely Related to Mountain Biking

Today we’re going to review ten products, loosely related to mountain biking. Some of them I bought, and some were sent to me by various companies. Like everyone else I have my biases, but I’ll do my best to tear all these products apart. Here goes. Let’s start with the Sennheiser MKE2 Microphone. It’s a […]