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Chinese Carbon fiber mountain bike handlebar from eBay unboxing review

I already know what this is. really light i’m gonna assume this is my carbon fiber handlebar Pretty excited since oh i just ordered this three or four days, ago and it’s already here the Reason why i ordered this specific handlebar instead of all the other chinese carbon ones Is mainly because it was […]

Box One MTB Derailleur & Shifter – What’s the deal?

The mountain bike drivetrain market is dominated by Shimano and Sram, and has been for quite some time. In fact, they are the only two viable options right now if you want a 1×11 or anything remotely high end. Can’t anyone else make this stuff? Specialized makes their own dropper post, and Cannondale has been […]

My New MTB Has Weird Parts on it

One of the best parts about new bike day is doing a photo shoot of your new bike, made possible by the obligatory propping stick. And you will always be punished for this blatant act of vanity. But once your new bike has some dirt and scratches on it, you can stop babying it and […]

What’s with all the Box stuff?

For the last month I’ve been getting set up at my new house, building out my shop, and learning my way around the trails in Asheville. Brian and Alexander have been in town too, and during their livestreams a lot of you noticed that something was happening between me and Box Components. Why is there […]

Box One Derailleur & Shifter Review

Well over a month ago, I installed the Box One Derailleur and shifter on my mountain bike. I made a video showing my first impression, and now I’ve spent some time actually riding it. So this video is about my experiences, observations, and opinions on the Box One, 1×11 drivetrain. Let’s start with pricing. At […]

Mountain Bike Anatomy – 50 parts in 5 minutes

This is a mountain bike, and at the heart of any bike is its frame. Let’s start with the parts of the frame. This here is the top tube, the down tube, the seat tube, the seat stay, and the chain stay. This area down here is called the bottom bracket shell. At the very […]