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How To Set Up Clipless Pedals – MTB Pro Tips

We’re going to look at how to set up clipless pedals and shoes. First, set the cleat placement in the shoe. The cleat is this little metal interface that actually clips into the spring retention system on the pedal. Placement on the bottom of the shoe is really important for pedaling efficiency but also affects […]

12 Common Bike Maintenance Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

– Whilst maintaining your mountain bike is actually fairly straightforward, it could be really easy to get a few things wrong. Especially if you rush something, if you don’t quite know what you’re doing, or if you just take a chance on something and don’t do your research. So here are some classic mountain bike […]

How To Make A Chainstay Protector | Mountain Bike Maintenance

– Welcome to the GMBN set, and in this maintenance video I’m going to be talking about how you can make your very own chainstay protector, and the best part is that it’s almost free. You want a chainstay protector for two reasons. Number one, to protect this area right here, and you also want […]

Mountain Bike Spring Tune Up | How To Make Your MTB Feel Like New

– If your winter riding is anything like ours here at GMBN, then your bike’s gonna have to put up with all the abrasion and wear that a wet, muddy winter puts on your drive train and everything else. Give your bike a bit of a spring clean, and it’s gonna be prepped and primed […]

How To Replace Your Mountain Bike Fork

– Fixing a new fork to your bike is a fantastic upgrade, and it can really improve the handling. It’s actually a fairly simple process to do yourself at home. So I’m gonna demonstrate by fitting a new RockShox fork to my Nukeproof Scout. Really simple, this is how. (dramatic booming) As with any job, […]

How To Fit Tubeless MTB Tyres | Mountain Bike Maintenance

Okay, so we’re going to talk about converting from a regular setup with a tire and a tube to a tubeless setup. The main advantages of tubeless is that you take away any risk of puncturing by pinching the tube. That means you can start running lower tire pressure, so you might find more grip. […]

How To Adjust + Index Your Gears – Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

Getting your gears shifting quickly and smoothly should be quite an easy job to do, but it takes a little bit of knowledge about how that system works first. A clean, well-lubed chain will make a big difference to how easily that chain shifts up and down that block, so do that first. Both front […]