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How To Bar Drag Like A Pro | Mountain Bike Skills

(exciting orchestral music) – Right, remember that video we did where Neil and I challenged ourselves on trying to drag our bar ends in the dirt, basically trying to get as low as possible in a berm. (exciting orchestral music) (cheering) (mumbles) Yeah? Now, you’re probably wondering, how the hell did they do that? Well, […]

Mountain Bike Spring Tune Up | How To Make Your MTB Feel Like New

– If your winter riding is anything like ours here at GMBN, then your bike’s gonna have to put up with all the abrasion and wear that a wet, muddy winter puts on your drive train and everything else. Give your bike a bit of a spring clean, and it’s gonna be prepped and primed […]

Deep Clean Your Mountain Bike Drive Train | GMBN Tech How To

– Keeping the transmission in your bike nice and clean and lubricated is the key to A, making sure your gears work correctly, and B, the longevity of that expensive transmission. Now although we clean our bikes on a fairly regular basis and give your drivetrain a little bit of love, it’s important, perhaps annually, […]

9 Bad Mountain Biking Habits

(upbeat music) – We’ve all got bad habits in life and on bikes. So us guys at GMBN have picked out a few of these bad habits that we see quite often. So, which one of these is you? Stinky pads, stinky kit. Oh wow, look at those pads, ugh. You’re not gonna be putting […]