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How To Adjust + Index Your Gears – Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

Getting your gears shifting quickly and smoothly should be quite an easy job to do, but it takes a little bit of knowledge about how that system works first. A clean, well-lubed chain will make a big difference to how easily that chain shifts up and down that block, so do that first. Both front […]

5 Shifting Problems You’ll Have And How To Solve Them

– Given how exposed the rear derailleur is, they work really well, but you’ve got to look after them. If your rear mech is poorly adjusted, a little bit bent or even just old and rattly, you’re not gonna get the shifting that you need. So, here are the top five shifting problems that typically […]

Box Components One Drivetrain | GMBN’s First Ride

– There are two big, obvious players in the mountain bike drive train market. But now we have another option. This is coming out of Southern California. This is Box Components and their One drivetrain. We’ve got a shifter, a rear mech, and a cassette. I’ve bolted it to my bike. I’m gonna take it […]

Electronic Vs Mechanical MTB Shifting

– Right now our partner Shimano is the only brand that has an electronic mounted bike transmission available to buy. And by trickling down that technology from the top level X tier to XT makes it more affordable and a better prospect for many riders. But how does it compare to the good old mechanical […]