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First Ride with my CANYON “Sender CF 7.0”

Wow! What a ride! I just did my first run with the CANYON Sender CF it´s kind of late – 9.am – but i wanted so ride so bad and get out before the sun goes down i´m in the bikepark boppard – rhine valley that is the beatuy i had the Canyon Torque DHX […]

Greg Minnaar – This Is Home | SHIMANO

[Jeff Minnaar]: Winners, they have luck, a lot of good luck, and the more you train and practice, the luckier you get. [Greg Minnaar]: It’s not often that any sportsperson gets to compete at home, like, super close to home. That week was so tough, and I’d won the year before, so that also added […]

Shape Your World – Make Your Mark | SHIMANO

You know, after all these years of trail-building… …I’ve learned not to fight what’s happening on the mountain. The terrain is almost telling you what trail belongs there. My name is Ted Tempany and I’ve been trail-building since the early ’90s. – I am Chantal Caron and I’m a trail-builder. – I’m Yuta Urishima. I’m […]

#TheHiddenPath EP1 – Calm before the storm

Did you know that in the life of a high performance athlete every season is a new start. These five months of racing are the most intense for sure in the year of an athlete. But this is just the end result of all the hard work behind the races. This capability to create a […]

Ich baue mein Traumbike zusammen – RAAW Madonna V2

Hey guy and welcome to another video. We’re in a really cool location. Epic light setup and a lot of boxes around me. We will build my new bike for the upcoming season. 29″enduro, the RAAW Madonna. I’m really excited its going to be my dream bike. So lets go!


Hi everybody, it’s Aurélien FONTENOY we are close to LYON (FRANCE) to discover a new brand wich built this bikes motorbike or mountainbike ? you will see i don’t say more, we go directly into the factory i will meet the director of this brand wich call LMX Bikes let’s go FOLLOW ME hi Lucas, […]

Mudguards Vs No Mudguards | Do They Make A Difference When Riding An E-Bike?

– Mudguards, uncool and ugly? Or, an accessory that gives you more vision, control, and speed? Now, many two-wheeled disciplines have been using mudguards or fenders for decades, but roadies and mountain bikers? Nah, way too uncool. (electronic beeping) Mudguards come in a whole range of shapes, sizes, and materials. Mudhugger, Zefal, RRP, Crud, Defender, […]

Eco Or Turbo? | Which Power Setting Should You Use On Your E-Bike?

– One of the main fears of e-mountain bikers, or indeed anybody thinking about buying an e-mountain bike is actually battery range. How much you can actually get in terms of distance from that little unit just down by there. It’s effected by so many things. None more so than mode, or level of assist, […]