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Inside the Maxxis BIKE Transalp 2019

It’s recording, it’s recording! -Hi The sixth stage of the Transalp is done 6th? -Yes, 6th. We still didn’t record an intro Just like last time We also didn’t really make a ‘vlog’ Just like last time But we did make some beautiful shots again So we we’ll make something cool out of it Partners? […]

The Best E Bike Action From 2019 | EMBN’s EMTB Showreel

– [Presenter] From gutsy descents, to granite cliff faces, vigorous lunch rides on loam, to monster weekends above the treeline, spring, summer, autumn, winter, e-mountain bikes are taking us further, higher, and faster than ever before. As we did in 2019, it was unforgettable. (electronic glitching) (birds tweet) (upbeat music) (water splashes) (sprocket ratchets) (water […]

Freeride Alpencross (Teil 2) 2019 – Fortsetzung und Finish

Part 2 It is 7 am here at the central station. I completely overslept this morning and woke up at 6:10. I had to get ready very fast and make a fast ride to the central station. I made it at record speed, only 25 minutes. Then I had to withdraw some cash and find […]


Hi everyone, welcome to the new TRICKSTOP video Today I will try to learn pretty special trick – NINJA DROP I will stand on an obstacle, hold my bike in my hands, jump off and land to the pedals and catch my handlebars You could see Fabio Wibmer doing this trick in one of his […]

How To Wheelie On An Electric Mountain Bike | E Bike Skills

– When it comes to wheelieing your e bike, it can be pretty tricky, especially with all that power on top from eco to turbo, and that weight of the motor in the battery. Things can get pretty tricky, so today I’m going to teach you how to wheelie your e mountain bike. (mellow music) […]