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Palo Duro Canyon: CCC Trail Part 2

so we ended the last video hiking at palo duro Canyon we checked out the visitor center and hiked the CCC trail I guess we got it when we found the old falling abandoned house we made it to a house epic and some pretty amazing viewpoints the CCC trail is at the very top […]

In-Home Cardio Workouts : How to Do Mountain Climber Exercises

Hi, I’m Kyle Brayer, your next in home cardio exercise will be mountain climbers. Mountain climbers is a great exercise for your legs as well as for your heart, it also works your shoulders and your chest. So you’re going to actually start in a peaked push up position which means that your hands are […]

Downhill Mountain Biking in the Wilds of Africa

Camera rolling. Dropping in. There’s just a bunch of sick rollers And, um, potentially a little like manual line or maybe a little double line Maybe we could find a couple s berms or something and yeah just poppin’ around, having a good time So ridiculous like It’s hard packed, it’s good to ride, it’s […]

Can You Climb On Aero Wheels?

– You’re in the market for a new set of wheels, and although there are lots of different types available, you’re probably wondering, should I get some deep section aero wheels, or some lightweight climbing ones? But, although deeps look really cool, I mean they look mint, don’t they, people often wonder, will they be […]

Ski Mountaineering | Skimo Crosstraining For Cyclists In The Winter

– In today’s video, we’re going to learn how to do donuts in a parking lot in a rental car with Tim Johnson. That’s actually not what we’re going to do. My GCN colleagues over in the UK tend to make videos about riding in the winter but every time I see one I look […]

LA Sucks For Cycling | America’s Hidden Bike Riding Paradise

– The thing I hear a lot is LA sucks for riding, but the truth is, is that after digging in quite a bit, I found out that LA might not actually stink for riding that much, because Saxo Bank, currently Geraint Thomas, we’ve even heard Peter Sagan, back in the day, Lance Armstrong, have […]

Santos!! VORTEX PIT!!! Shredit Mashup FL Mtb Freeride Park

♫ Super Mario – Overworld Theme (GFM Trap Remix )♫ I Spelled fashion wrong sorry! ♫ I Did That by Diamond Ortiz ♫ Nice! What the! ♫ WTF – Xivine ft. Brimroth ♫ Go ♫ I Did That by Diamond Ortiz ♫ ♫ I Did That by Diamond Ortiz ♫ Wahoo ha hoo hoo ♫ […]