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Pre-race guide by Stuart Marais (Kamburg Classic)

How’s it, everyone? Yeah, I’m just off to do an activation ride – we’ve got the Kamburg classic tomorrow. So, generally the day before one of these events or any race, in particular, I’ll go do 5 two minute efforts. Not terribly hard. Just at about threshold or thereabouts just to ramp up the heart […]

Why Do I Live In A Van? (Hint: It’s NOT for Instagram)

I get asked all the time how I can live in a van, and it feels like a weird question. I mean, the real question is, how did I live in a car? What I’m trying to say is, if you first have a good enough reason why, you’ll figure out the how. So, today, […]

Building and Riding the Backyard Whale Tail

Today, we’re visiting dirt merchant—no, not that Dirt Merchant. The Dirt Merchant. Like, a dude with dirt…inventory. This particular dirt is free because the merchant’s trying to get rid of it. You get something different in every scoop, mainly clay, sand, lots of shale, and the occasional glove or pipe fitting. And we’re gonna need […]

Kids riding mountain bikes in the house during quarantine

Alright show me what you got, Esther. Wide entry Good speed Lift, aw very good you did it. Stop stop stop! Stop [Laughing] Jen here from MTB Direct. It’s day three of self-isolation we’ve just come back from overseas and so we’re self-isolating for two weeks. I have two small children and a mountain bike […]

Ask GMBN: What is Your Dream Mountain Bike?

– Welcome to this week’s Ask GMBN, where you guys send all your questions you want answering from us dudes, here at GMBN. – Yeah, can’t wait to get into some mountain biking test questions, challenges. What have we got this week, Blake? – Well, we got one from Kevin, and he’s asking, where is […]

Kona’s $1,499 Honzo Review: An Overgrown Dirt Jumper | 2020 Pinkbike Field Trip

– [Cameraman] Next time can you annunciate, the Honzo’s aluminum frame. – The Honzo’s aluminum frames. – [Cameraman] Yeah. – The Honzo’s aluminum frame. (funky upbeat music) Hey everybody, I’m Mike Kazimer. We’re here in Sedona, Arizona for the annual Pinkbike Field Trip. We’re taking a look at a bunch of affordable trail bikes. Right […]

Orange P7 RS Bike Check – Hardtail MTB

Today, I’ll be doing a bike check on my Orange P7RS. I’ll show you the bike in detail, give you my opinion on it, and explain what makes it different from other bikes. Judging from the comments, it’s clear that a lot of you love the way my P7 looks. I’m glad to hear that […]