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Brett Rheeder – This is Home | SHIMANO

(suspenseful music) (click) (bright music) – [Narrator] Despite having the opportunity to travel across the globe, there’s still something that keeps pulling me back. I know it’s not the flat farm fields, but when I’m back in Ontario, the pressures of the year seem to melt away. There’s no crowds, no stress, this is home. […]

How to fit pedals to your bike

How to attach the pedals to your new bike. Start with drive side pedal which goes under your right foot. It will have a sticker or be marked with an R, and screws clockwise into the crank arm. Using your fingers, roll the pedal thread anti-clockwise until you feel it click into place, then wind […]

San Diego Mountain Biking Association – SDMBA

The agenda is access to trails. when we had the protest ride, I think that really changed things and it let a lot of higher up people know that we represent a lot more people then just the handful of people they see out doing trail work on a trail work day. When mountain biking […]

O que é o Mountain Bike na sua vida? (Eng Sub)

To me mountain bike is so much more than a sport. It´s a lifestyle that brings me health discipline, direct contact with nature and a will to live. To me mountain bike represents at least 50% of my day. It´s my amusement park. It´s my therapy. It´s the opportunity to be in touch with nature. […]

How to Ride Down Stairs on a Mountain Bike: The 4 Key Tips

Hi Groovers, Chris here from www.MTBtips.com with my Top 4 Tips for riding down comment on top for tips for writing down stairs with more speed, ease and control. Stairs are great fun, and the skills you learn here can be applied to Mother Nature’s stairs on the trails, too. Click the link on screen […]

Crazy Mountain Biking POV in SnoopaVision

Welcome back to another exciting episode of, things you won’t see black people doing. Roll the tape. First of all, this hill is definitely not made for us. Oh god. Oh, it’s vertical. Look how steep it is. He– oh no, wait a minute. Hold on. Wait a minute hold on. This is not safe. […]

How to ride skinny lines on a mountain bike

I’ve seen a lot of mountain bike videos popping up lately where people are riding along the edges of cliffs, narrow passages, and ridges. Fort Lauderdale doesn’t have much in the way of elevation changes, so this is the best I can do for you guys. Most mountain bikers call this a “skinny”. What makes […]

How to endo & “endo turn” a mountain bike

whether you’re doing one by accident or on purpose endows are a great way to bust your ass on a mountain bike that’s all the more reason to get comfortable with endows and practice them frequently to do an endo and up off your seat and apply pressure to your front brake for starters try […]