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Mountain Ride | First of the Year with MaxiBikers | Mountain Bike

“In today’s adventure we will go with some of our friends from MaxiBikers to… …honestly I have no idea, because we got lost several times on the way but it was really fun. Join us!” – I know now why you struggle, your bike is very heavy – I’m worried about getting a flat – […]

Zoe Attempts Whistler Bike Park Steeps | Full Enduro S1 EP6

(motivational music) (motivational music) (motivational music) (motivational music) (chalk on chalk board writing) – Hey everyone, back at Whistler Bike Park today. Last time we were here with Katrina mastering jumps and drops. Today, I’m meeting up with master of steeps Claire Buchar She’s a shredder downhill champion racer and she’s waiting for me at […]

Cowley’s Cure | New Valley Vista Trail Segment

Nate, funnest trail ever… funnest trail ever, funnest trail ever. It’s not the funnest trail ever, be honest. I thought it was funnest yeah this is where we’re gonna go right we’re going this way the new … the new downhill we’re gonna come over here turn right get on Bench Road for a minute […]

Fat Tire Bikes: Let’s get it started!

– We’re gonna find out what all the buzz is about fat tire biking. And with the help of a world class expert, hopefully learn how to ride one. Fat tire biking is the hot new winter sport, but it’s not just for winter. These kind of funny looking bikes are of course best known […]

Are You Leaning OR Lowering? And What’s Better? | DailyGroove 027

I’m going to help you get more control of what you’re doing when you’re getting lower on the bike. (boom shudders) Hey Groovers, Chris Carter here. Welcome to the Daily Groove. Often, you’ll hear me talk about lowering your chest as part of getting control over your position through corners or up climbs or downhill, […]