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SEB IS BACK!! | Toronto International Bike Show

Alex: Sebastian Kowdrysh, founder and co-owner of Everyday Biking. The man who started it all. Unfortunately, April 27, 2019, would be the last time we see Sebastian. Until now! Seb: What’s up guys! Sebastian from Everyday Biking, and welcome to the Toronto International Bike Show! Alex: Alright guys, welcome to the Toronto Canadian International Canadain […]

Mountain bikers’ dreams are coming true on new Tasmanian bike trails

We’ve designed a network of 35 kilometers of mountain bike trail starting here right in the township of Queenstown, taking you right up onto the near the summit of Mount Allen. I suppose the key thing here is basically the whole trail network is focused around these bucket list, kind of, hero trail experiences. So […]

Mountain Ride | First of the Year with MaxiBikers | Mountain Bike

“In today’s adventure we will go with some of our friends from MaxiBikers to… …honestly I have no idea, because we got lost several times on the way but it was really fun. Join us!” – I know now why you struggle, your bike is very heavy – I’m worried about getting a flat – […]

Harbin Park Blue Mountain Bike Trail Ride and Review

just got done riding the trails at Harbin park I only wrote a portion um I didn’t write the orange I’m still kind of new to it so I wasn’t gonna get in there and mess with the something of my be too too high for my skill level at this point I had a […]

Downhill | Mountain Bike Trail | MTB

“In today’s adventure we will go to a mountain biking trail” “Join us” – It’s cool right? – Yeah, it’s cool *Nerver, ever ride like this guy in blue pants* 🎶 Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle 🎶 *Your feet must be parallel* – Here it is – Up or Down? – Goes down – Look, teacher… – […]

Building the Backyard “Maim Frame”

As it stands, we have a great starting point for downhill trails on Berm Peak. We have a route to the summit, an official trailhead, and a big roll-in called the Flight Deck. We even have a map of the property, and a rough layout of what our future trail system could look like. Today, […]

My insane MTB trip to Whistler

Last week I visited Whistler Canada for the second time in one summer, and that’s a big trip. There was a reason for this: Dirt Diaries. Dirt Diaries is a short film contest that has been going on for the last 7 years at Crankworx. Each film must be 6 minutes or less, include Whistler, […]

10 Things Mountain Bikers Should Never Do In Winter

(crashing) – Welcome to our 10 things you should not do when riding in the winter. It’s not a catchy title but it is useful. Let’s get going with the first one. Okay, here we go. Obviously, if you’re riding in the cold you need to have enough clothing on to keep warm and warm […]