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Weighing Tubeless MTB Tires – Before and After

What we’re going to do today is only going to take a couple of minutes. What I have here is a wheel off my brand new Orange P7 RS. The vast majority of people with this bike will be running it tubeless, but of course it ships with tubes. During storage and shipping, sealant has […]

Let’s build a wheel with no tools!

Arguably the most specialized area of bike repair is wheel building. You need to know about spoke types, spoke lengths, hubs, rims, rim sizes, lacing, truing, dishing, and a variety of measurements that would make your head spin. Not to mention the expensive specialty tools like truing stands, nipple drivers, spoke wrenches, and dishing gauges. […]

What’s in Seth’s MTB parts bin?

We all have a box, bin, or pile of stuff left over from old bikes. Gotta save these long ass stems, I might need one of them someday! There are other things we need to restock, like tape, oil, zip ties, and stuff like that. Today we’ll take a look at my parts bin, my […]

How to use a CO2 tire inflator

most mountain bikers like to bring as little gear as possible on the trails for some of us it’s a pocket a tiny compartment in a Camelback or a little saddle pouch like this one if I go out with anything at all it’s usually my car keys multi-tools a tire lever a patch kit […]

11 Super Cheap MTB Upgrades

For many of you, your mountain bike is the love of your life. Even if it put you in the toilet financially or caused you injury, it’s also given you freedom, confidence, and joy. So you want to tend to and pamper your mountain bike, but you have no money left to do it. I’ve […]

Box One Derailleur & Shifter Review

Well over a month ago, I installed the Box One Derailleur and shifter on my mountain bike. I made a video showing my first impression, and now I’ve spent some time actually riding it. So this video is about my experiences, observations, and opinions on the Box One, 1×11 drivetrain. Let’s start with pricing. At […]

Mountain Bike Anatomy – 50 parts in 5 minutes

This is a mountain bike, and at the heart of any bike is its frame. Let’s start with the parts of the frame. This here is the top tube, the down tube, the seat tube, the seat stay, and the chain stay. This area down here is called the bottom bracket shell. At the very […]