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Building a Hidden Backyard Bike Jump

Last week, we built a new trail here on Berm Peak. It was a short one, starting at the top of Woodpecker and ending at a row of shrubs behind the garage. The trail is named Airbag, which seems appropriate for a run with an emergency stop at the end, but we’re not quite finished […]

Building a fun bike jump out of wood

Last week, we built our first in trail feature, dubbed the Maim Frame. I purposely positioned it at the slowest point on the trail to keep things interesting, but that’s kind of what made it so hard to ride. It seems like everything I build is sketchy for the wrong reasons. So this morning, Kevin […]

A Game Of Mountain Bike Dice | Blake Rolls The Dice

– Alright, today I’m gonna challenge myself and I’m gonna use these pair of dice to determine the trick and all of these bikes. (upbeat electronic music) Okay, so I’ve got six bikes to choose from. So if I roll a one or a two or a three, it determines on what bike I’m gonna […]

How to Jump a mountain bike beginner tutorial | Skills With Phil

hey guys what’s up? So today we’re going to be looking at how to jump along with looking at common mistakes riders make when starting out. jumping is a combination between pumping and the american bunny hop so before you learn how to jump, be sure you understand how to pump it is also useful […]

How To Whip Like Blake Samson | Mountain Bike Tricks

– Welcome back you beautiful viewers, and today is your luck day. I am out here at our, one of our favourite bike parks, Wendell Bike Park in the UK. And there’s been a lot of comments asking for this trick, and it’s how to whip. So today I am going to try to show […]

Building a Backyard Bike Jump | Art of Mountain Bike Trail building

This is my backyard, more specifically the backyard of my mom’s house over the years it has gotten a little out of hand But that’s about to change Today, we’ll be playing my backyard to good use we’re going to be building me backyard jump over the years I’ve built a lot of pumptrack long […]

Improve Your Jumping Technique In 30 Minutes | MTB Skills

– So here are a few tips that are gonna help improve your jumping, nearly immediately. – Yeah, there’s one really common mistake when it comes to jumping, it means that people can’t make enough height to clear those jumps. So we’ll show you what that is and how to fix it. (upbeat techno music) […]