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5 Ways To Push Your Mountain Biking | Mountain Bike Skills

– Do you feel like your skill level has plateaued? Often the learning curve is steeper to start, and then you get comfortable and stop progressing. So let’s look at a few fun things today that will help you push on and improve your riding. (jazzy music) The first thing to do is to change […]

Mountain Bike Skills: Blake’s Guide To MTB Car Park Tricks

– [Blake] Hello and welcome to Blake Samson’s How to Impress Your Friends in the Car Park Before Heading Out for a Jolly Ride. Arrive on time. At the right location. With fresh gear. Ahh, clean bike. Here are a few ways I like to impress my mates when I’m in the car park even […]

How To Manual Like A Pro – MTB Skills

♪ [music] ♪ So, how to manual. What we’re looking at doing is lifting the front wheel up the right way. It doesn’t have to be very big to begin with. We will talk about that real cool trick of holding the front wheel for a little time, but that’s in a bit. So it’s […]

How To Choose A Multitool For Mountain Biking

– Multi Tools. What do you want? And perhaps even, what do you actually need? Are you looking for the full assembly line of a factory, or something that perhaps slips into your pocket unnoticed? Maybe even you want something that clips onto your bike directly, waiting for your hour of need to be called […]

Top 10 Essential MTB Skills – Ten Mountain Bike Handling Tips

♪ [music] ♪ Body position is critical. You want to stand nice and tall, and try not to crouch over the handlebars. This means you’ll avoid the amount of space that you have to move around on the bike. Also remember to look ahead, so you can see in good time the next obstacle you’re […]

Riding over stuff on a MTB – Mountain Biking Explained EP4

So the beginner skills workshop went well. The plan was to meet a bunch of beginners at the trailhead, have them ride some little obstacles, and give them advice on how to improve. These rows of logs were already in place as a sort of practice course. The smaller logs were easy for most people. […]

What’s a good beginner bike? – Budget mountain bike

What’s a good beginner mountain bike? This is a question I get every day, so today I’m going to give you the tools you need to find one, new or used, regardless of brand. But first we need to define what a beginner bike is. If you’re a beginner and you have unlimited money then […]