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Epic Mountain Bike Crashes | GMBN Crash Reel April 2018

– [Blake] Hang on. I’m going to use this carbon seatpost as a hammer. (laughs) (hammering) Shed repairs going on. – Oh. Oh I’ve broke that. That was an accident. – Mum please stop coming in the shed, we’re trying to film Fails and Bails! – Welcome to this month’s Fails and Bails special. A […]

HOW MOUNTAIN BIKERS VACATION (In Moab) // Singletrack Sampler

Ah I really don’t want to get out of bed this morning because I am in a ridiculous way nice bed and a ridiculously nice room Where am I exactly? Let me show you We’re at Moab, baby Yesterday, I hopped on a plane in Knoxville the short-term and long-term parking have Clearance of 710 […]

Silly Mountain Bike Crashes | GMBN’s January Fails And Bails

– Welcome to this month’s Fails and Bails special. We’re gonna take a look at your bad moments and make them great and we have got EMBN’s Steve Jones to help us do it. Steve I’m gonna entertain you today. Well you know what it’s really great ’cause we watch these videos and obviously, everyone […]

10 Questions With Neil Donoghue | Martyn Asks The Pros

– Now we were just in the shed. We were filming an ask, and I thought you know what I think you guys want to get to know the GMBN presenters more. So I’ve got Neil here and I thought why don’t we do it? Why don’t we get to know him a little bit […]

Funny Mountain Bike Crashes And Fails | GMBN’s February Fails And Bails

– This is GMBN’s best fails and bails section, right. – Yeah absolutely, we’ve got February’s finest, this is going to be hilarious. Remember right, we might laugh at some points Chris, but these have been sent in by the people themselves, they want to share, you know bad moments, and make them good. – […]

The Mountain Bike Fork That Broke Doddy’s Face | Ask GMBN Tech

(electronic music) – Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech, in fact this one is a little bit different to usual. This is ask me specific questions, a special this month. The guys on our social media team put some posts up asking you guys to ask me some questions about the worst bikes I’ve ridden, the […]

Massive Mountain Bike Crashes | GMBN Crash Reel July 2018

– Welcome to this month’s Fails and Bails where we’ve gathered all of those insane fails and bails that you guys have sent in. We picked out the good ones. – Yes, we have. Now, please remember all of these have been sent in by willing participants who want us to share in fun their […]

Can the Jamis Portal Survive the Mountain Bike Park?

hey guys James with the JF RidesYouTube channel and today we’re gonna be talking about the worst accident that I’ve had so far this season in 2018 watch the video see what happens and when we come back I’ll give you guys three tips on how to prevent your next wreck alright so we’re about […]

How To Crash On Your Mountain Bike | MTB Skills

(heavy metal music) – I’ve been a professional mountain biker for, like, over 16 years, and I started dirt jumping, then slope style, then free ride now this is where I am right now. So when I was learning tricks back in the day, I would crash and crash and crash. Pretty much crash so […]