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Tyre slime MTB bike tyre / tire update April 2015

Hi guys Handyclips @ YouTube here just a quick update on the tyre slime Since the tyre slime has been in my tires Thorns have gone into the tyre You can probably just work out that when you pull the thorn out of the tire with the tyre slime inserted inside the tube That basically […]

Norco Torrent 1 2018 Mountain Bike -1st Ride

Hello there, Paul Needham, Revolution Bikes. It’s new bike time and we have today, it’s a Norco Torrent 1, 2018 model. This is my first ever plus bike and I’m tremendously excited about it and it’s going to be ridden and reviewed and yeah let’s take it out and see how it goes.

MTB Girona : Bike Park at La Molina

As you may have gathered we’re now in the cable car. And we’re on our way up to the top at La Molina after lots of fafting around and getting ready – mainly me – We’re now going to start the downhill mountain biking. See you at the top! Here we go – Marc Toone […]

MTB Suspension Seat Post Review – XC Mountain Biking for Beginners

In this video we will be quickly cover the suspension seat post options for hard tail XC mountain bike riders. For clarification, this video will not cover dropper seat posts and not intended for racing, riders of full suspension bikes, all mountain, endureo, or downhill. Not all XC riders need or want a dropper post […]

Giant ATX 1 2016 Mountain Bike

Hi this is James from Ivanhoe Cycles and this is the 2016 Giant ATX 1. The Giant ATX range is Giant’s entry-level 27 and a half inch mountain bike. This bike comes with an aluminium alloy frame, the Shimano Acera gear system – which is a 24-speed gear system – plenty of gears for pretty […]

8206 94 Magna Great Divide Bicycle Assembly

(electronic music) – Hi, I’m Chris, and today, we’re going to be assembling the Magna Great Divide 26 inch mountain bike. Before we get started, you’ll need a few tools: a six-millimeter Allen key wrench, an adjustable wrench, one or two fifteen-millimeter wrenches, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a standard Schrader-type tire pump. Scissors or […]

Giant Talon 27.5″ 2 2016 Mountain Bike

Hi my name’s Ben, I’m from Ivanhoe Cycles and I’m going to be talking to you about the Talon 2 2016 model. This particular bike is totally suitable for all intermediate-level mountain bike riding. This frame is an aluminium frame, it’s a 6000 series ALUXX butted Giant frame, and one of the best features on […]