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Mountain Bike Enduro Trails | Vlog #4 | SANTIAGO MTB

Such friend, How are you? Yiiiuuuuuu I head to the hill Sancristobal In search of …….. Nooo !!! We will inaugurate the lifelines of the hill !! Which opened yesterday, after 7 years Let’s go with Peter Burns We will try to do, trails only 4.1 / 2 Cigars 4.1 / 2 I do not […]

Cycling adventures: mountain bike

Hi, I’m Daniel Oakman, senior curator here at the National Museum of Australia and welcome to another of my cycling adventures. Today I’m going to be taking a hardtail mountain bike on a ride on one of my favourite trails at Tathra on the far south coast of New South Wales. Getting out of town […]

What is the Best Mountain Bike Brand?

Hey dude, I finally have enough money for a mountain bike. Woo-hoo Tom, Now you can kill yourself in style. And who says I am going to kill myself? Well, you are a bit of a klutz. Gee thanks, Bud with a friend like you? You know the rest. Thank You… Hey you will do […]

Trails Mountain Bike – Sancristobal | ENDURO MTB + Crash

What’s up friends !! I just got here, college I’m tired it’s hot here in santiago 40 ° as let’s go to the hill, motivated with xavi I will gather alla let’s see who else joins let’s go the trails (denissita, torre5 Channels, amphitheater, 4.1 / 2) etc to know channels will connect with 4.1 […]

Check Your Tires – Preseason Mountain Bike Checklist | Part 2

Hey everybody, Jans Expert Scott House here. We’re going to go through some quick steps for a preseason bike check. One of the most important interfaces on your bike is your wheels and tires. Give your tires and rims a good visual inspection Making sure your tires have adequate tread with no cuts or punctures. […]

Tyre slime MTB bike tyre / tire update April 2015

Hi guys Handyclips @ YouTube here just a quick update on the tyre slime Since the tyre slime has been in my tires Thorns have gone into the tyre You can probably just work out that when you pull the thorn out of the tire with the tyre slime inserted inside the tube That basically […]

Norco Torrent 1 2018 Mountain Bike -1st Ride

Hello there, Paul Needham, Revolution Bikes. It’s new bike time and we have today, it’s a Norco Torrent 1, 2018 model. This is my first ever plus bike and I’m tremendously excited about it and it’s going to be ridden and reviewed and yeah let’s take it out and see how it goes.