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Why buying a motorcycle won’t make you happy

(soft music) (chirping) (rustling) – So it is 36 degrees outside. I was going to take my bike in for its 6,000 mile service. I’m well overdue, it’s actually about 8,000 miles, but then it snowed this morning. So I’m gonna do that instead next weekend. I’m about at 800 miles with my chain since […]

How To Clean Your Chain (Dirt Bikes and Street Bikes)

Chain care and maintenance for dirt bikes and street bikes. Hey everyone. My name is Gabe Scofield and I’m the Service Manager here at GN Gonzales in Baton Rouge, LA. Today we are going to talk about proper chain maintenance and cleaning. You want to make sure you have a proper chain cleaner a proper […]

DUCATI – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(motorcycle engine roaring) – It’s the two-wheeled Italian Stallion from the land of lasagna that gets motorcycle lovers buzzing in their leather breeches. They rose up from the rubble of their bombed out factory during World War II to become the largest Italian motorcycle manufacturer ever! (motorcycle engines roaring loudly) They build race bikes then […]

Hill Climb Vs GROM?! Crazy Off-Road GromVenture

interesting way to start a video never fails What’s going on you guys it’s been a while? Finally got my motovlogging set up back and running so the content will be coming wow that sounded really corny you guys get the point I’ve been trying to make videos guys and i just could not get […]

Hillbilly Hill Climb – /RideApart

JAMIE ROBINSON: This week’s episode with Meatball’s Hillbilly Hill Climb from Drive Channel’s “RideApart–” -Welcome to Generation Cycle. JAMIE ROBINSON: Hey man, nice to meet you, finally. -Nice to meet you. JAMIE ROBINSON: Good stuff, well you’ve got quite a collection of stuff here, huh? -Just about everything you could imagine. JAMIE ROBINSON: Slightly different […]