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Hi everybody, it’s Aurélien FONTENOY we are close to LYON (FRANCE) to discover a new brand wich built this bikes motorbike or mountainbike ? you will see i don’t say more, we go directly into the factory i will meet the director of this brand wich call LMX Bikes let’s go FOLLOW ME hi Lucas, […]

2 RIDERS on A MINI BIKE – WTF?? (Naska + Marcon on Ohvale)

My friend Luca Pedersoli always says problem equals opportunity and this is a very good way of thinking Because if you see problems as a problem, you will never succeed, but if you see problems as opportunities You will find another solution which may be even better. So considering that in Milan We have a […]


Thousand millions of you asked Naska on the motocross so Just for you my friends today I’m here ready to ride this wonderful Yamaha 250 cc in the motocross track so that the funny thing is that Probably I am the the best-dressed one today. I’m super official with many sponsors But but I am […]

A Better Way to Turn A Motorcycle | A Beginners Guide to Cornering

Roughly 25% of all motorcycle accidents are simply motorcycles running wide in corners. That’s a huge percentage. In the immortal words of a 19th century naval officer; “We have met the enemy and they are us.” So, today, we’re going to break down, as simply as we can manage, how to turn, or how to […]