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20 Crazy Bikes You Have to See to Believe 1

– [Samantha] From the world’s tallest bike to a bike with a flamethrower, here is our list of 20 crazy bikes. Number 20, the ice-wheeled bike. Amateur inventor Colin Furze replaced his bicycle’s wimpy rubber tires with something far more dangerous and fleeting. After making the icy bike wheels in, no surprise, the freezer, he […]

20 Crazy Bikes You Have To See To Believe 4

– [Glenn] It’s time again for some crazy bikes. And once again we looked all over. Some fold in weird ways or turn into a bike with a built in grocery cart. And we even found a bike with no seat. I’m Glenn and today we’re bringing you more crazy and unusual bikes. (upbeat music) […]

15 Electric Bikes Changing the Way We Travel in 2019 2020

If you haven’t been up on the world of electric bikes you may think that bikes with motors are bulky, ugly contraptions with little power. But E-bikes are quietly revolutionizing commuting and fitness around the world. The newest styles set a high standard for versatility and strength for today’s riders. Hi, I’m Glenn and here […]

10 Stunning Bicycle Concepts Made by Top Car Makers

What’s up YouTube, have you ever wanted to buy a bike made by a high-end car company, of course not Number 10 Mercedes-Benz smart e-bike do you think you’re smart? Well, you should try out the smart e-bike this bike uses an aluminum alloy frame, Gurgaon pc2 petals, and mogera mt. 4 hydraulic disc brakes. […]

15 E-Bikes for On-Road and Off-Road 2018-2019

– [Narrator] Not everyone has the money to shell out on a brand new car every couple of years. For some people, particularly those living in busy cities with busy traffic, it doesn’t even make sense to own a car. E-bikes are one of the latest vehicle market trends, in recent years, and could provide […]


– [Male Voice] Whether you prefer zipping through the city or tearing it up off road, or causing a wake on the water, these bikes are sure to catch your eye. Hi, I’m Glenn and here are twenty crazy and unusual bikes. – [Female Voice] Number twenty. – [Glenn] The first bike on our list […]

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? 15 Unusual VEHICLES That Gave Us High Hopes!

– [Reacher] Every now and then, we think back on the things we’ve talked about before. This is Reacher, and in keeping with that, we decided to hit the archives and see how a few of our favorites were doing these days. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number 15. – [Reacher] This first entry isn’t the […]


– [Reacher] Hello to everyone old and new, it’s Reacher here and I’m ringing in 2018 with 15 electric scooters and smart mopeds. Number 15, this first entry comes from a collaboration between Ford Motor Company and OjO Electric to produce scooters visually inspired by Ford vehicles while incorporating OjO’s innovative technology and design. An […]

15 IMPRESSIVE Mini Bikes and Scooters | Urban & Off Road Dirt Bikes

– [Glen] Minibikes and scooters are a wonderful way to have fun while saving on the cost of fuel. Minibikes can be seen tearing up go-kart tracks around the world, while scooters are a great way to maneuver around on any city street. This is Glen, and today we are bringing you 15 minibikes and […]