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Review: Tern GSD S00 Electric Bike

– [Karen] Hi, my name is Karen Wiener from The New Wheel electric bikes, and I’m joined today by Amanda. – [Amanda] Hi. – Thanks for sitting with me. We’re talking today about the GSD S00, S-double-O, S Infinity bike, which is the new and upgraded GSD. – The 2018 model of of the Tern […]

Full Interview – Benno Baenziger & Electric Bikes

– [Karen] I am having a wonderful moment of sitting-downness here at Interbike 2016 with Benno of Benno Bikes. Benno innovated the enjoyment of cycling with Electra, and is now starting a new company called Benno which is, I think, going to create a new category of e-bikes. And so here we are, ready to […]