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OhioHealth Bike Clinic-Learn to Ride Better

My name is Darren Wright and I’m a family physician sports medicine specialist here at OhioHealth. So the first thing I do is I sit down with everybody, go through their injury issues. Whether they have any current injuries, injuries in the past and we look at what their goals are. So we see a […]

What To Carry In A MTB First Aid Kit

– Mountain biking, like all sports, has its risks. Now, you could be pinning it down a trail at speed, navigating through some techy rock areas, or even just trying to get your bike out the car. Accidents can happen, so it’s really important for you to be prepared, and have a handy first aid […]

Direction of Friction in a Bicycle (With 3D animation)

Welcome to omega open course. Many students find it difficult to determine the direction of friction force on the tyres of a bicycle. In this video we explain the how to determine the direction of friction on tyres in a bike. When you drive a cycle, you rotate the pedal, which in turn rotates the […]