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Are Ketogenic Diets Better For Cycling Weight Loss?

– Ketogenic diets are becoming increasingly popular. A lot of people are talking about them. You may have been recommended one. You may already be eating a ketogenic diet. So in this video, we’re going to explain exactly what a ketogenic diet is, the potential benefits and disadvantages, and how it applies to cyclists, and […]

Can You Make a Living as a Delivery App Bike Messenger?

In the last few years, a new-app based service economy has emerged and companies like Caviar, Grubhub, Postmates, and even Uber now give anyone the opportunity to be couriers. Like this guy: Frankie Gallderizzi. He’s a full-time bike messenger in New York City. “I started about two years ago, I was looking for a job […]

How Emirates Makes 225,000 In-Flight Meals A Day

Narrator: Here in Dubai, Emirates Flight Catering makes 110 million in-flight meals a year. As the world’s largest catering facility, they run 24/7, cooking up every snack, dessert, and main dish eaten by the airline’s 55 million passengers a year. And these travelers eat a lot. In 2018, Emirates passengers downed 72 million bread rolls, […]

How To Fuel For Cycling | Bike Ride Nutrition Explained

– Nutrition and training go together however if you have one without the other, you’re not going to get the desire effects and ultimately, you’re not going to get fitter, stronger, and faster. After all, we are all aspiring to be better and more well-rounded cyclists. (playful electronic music) Right, let’s start off with a […]

What Should I Eat Before A Hard Ride? | Ask GCN Anything

(low, intense tones) – Hello, and welcome to Ask GCN Anything. – Yes, and this week we’ve got a packed show for you. We’ve got questions on tubeless tires, winter motivation, pre-race meals, and can you increase your FTP without even riding your bike? – Good questions then. – I’m skeptical. – Don’t forget, if […]