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How To Make The Perfect Espresso

Coffee and cycling go hand-in-hand Seemingly, the perfect ride will always start with the perfect brew But, how do you make the perfect coffee? Well, we thought we will find out So, we came to Rocket Espresso Who supplied coffee machines to Some of the world’s best cyclists And also, GCN To find out– *MUSIC* […]

How To Ride Steep Climbs Faster | GCN’s Cycling Tips

Steep climbs are brutal, let’s face it I mean anyone could ride up a long climb. You just have to go slowly enough, right? Well steeps climbs though Si that’s when you’re really going to start to suffer but surely there are some tricks of the trade to not only help us ride them but […]

GMBN Unboxing: Troy Lee Designs NEW A1 Helmet

In today’s unboxing video, we are going to take a look at some brand new just released Troy Lee Design’s Helmets The best part of this whole video We’ve got three of these helmets to give away. Keep watching and ill let you know how to enter it. So whats new about these Troy Lee […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Carbon Fiber

first steel then aluminum then titanium and then carbon fiber it is pretty much the material of choice to build bikes out of nowadays in fact, you have to go back nearly 20 years to find a non-carbon fiber bike on the top step of the podium step of the Tour de France but the […]

How To Bunny Hop A Hardtail Mountain Bike | Essential MTB Skills

– Today I’m hoping to answer a question that we get asked all the time, and it’s how to bunny hop a hard tail and how it might differ from a full suspension bike. So today I’m on a hard tail, I’ve also got flat pedals on so I can’t cheat. The bike is a […]

Fat Bike Vs Plus Bike – What’s The Difference?

♪ [music] ♪ – [Scott] So, Neil, it’s time to answer that burning question, “Is bigger better?” – [Neil] Well, when it comes to tire size, I think most of the time, yes. I’ve ridden a fat bike a few times now, and in certain situations, they’re brilliant, but not always, should I say. And […]

Retro Vs Modern – The Cross Country Mountain Bike Race

– [Man 1] Neil, times have really changed over the last couple years, and I don’t only mean our age difference, but also in the bikes. – [Neil] Yeah, that’s true. You may have seen my recent video where I rode a Proflex 957 to see how far bikes have come in the last 20 […]