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Maxxis REKON 2.6 Quick Check – Compared with Ikon 2.35

Hey guys, with more and more 2.6 tires being available in the market these days here’s a quick check of the 2.6 Maxxis Rekon 29er. Pretty standard for Maxxis the details of the tire are provided on this label. First of all this is made in Taiwan just like all their other tires. These key […]

Eliot Jackson’s Giant Glory | Pro Bike Chat

– So here we are in the Giant pits, we’ve got Eliot Jackson, and this is his 2019 Giant Glory. Shall we get into it? – We should, I think we’re already into it. – I think we’re very into it! Let’s get out of it. (smooth breakbeat jazz music) So the big difference between […]

The New ROSE THRILL HILL Mountainbike

Hi, I`m Marta and I`m working for ROSE Bikes. Today I introduce you to our new Race Fully, Thrill Hill. This here is the matt black Thrill Hill in size L. The full-suspension race bike is perfect for cross-country racing, as the frame weighs in at only 1800 grams. The complete bike weighs a mere […]

Nino Schurter’s Scott Spark RC Custom Race Bike | GMBN Tech Pro Bikes

– We’re here in Novo Mesto, checking out the pro bike of none other than Nino Schurter. This of course, is his Scott Spark RC World Cup race bike. (electronic music) So, of course, the Scott Spark RC is one of the lightest frames in existence, running a twin lock remote system on the rear […]

How To Fit And Remove Difficult E Bike Tyres

– Now I’m sure all very familiar with the situation when a tire simply does not want to play ball. So today we’re gonna look at how to deal with those stubborn tires. (rapid electronic sounds) Now it feels like for my sins, I’ve been called in to tell you just how to deal with […]

Maxxis IKON 29 x 2.2 and 2.35 3C EXO TR – Quick Review

Hi everyone, in this video I’m going to take a closer look at the Maxxis Ikon tires, and what you see here is 29er 2.2 on this one, This one doesn’t say it but this is a 29er 2.35. As you see from the description here and they both say the same, these are for […]

29er to 27.5+ Conversion – MAXXIS MINION PLUS TIRES 600 mile review

So continuing on from my video where I converted my 29er to 27.5+, I ran into some issues with the 3” WTB Bridger tires First, the rear tire was threatening to tear off my front derailleur!… so I tore it off! and went with a 1X setup… no big deal… because I was going to […]

Jenny Rissveds Scott Spark RC 900 | GMBN Pro Bikes

– Right, this has got to be one of the most successful XC bikes out there. This is Jenny Rissveds’ Scott Spark pro bike check. (upbeat hip-hop music) Like always, I’m gonna start off with the frame. It’s a full carbon bike, so it has a carbon front triangle, carbon rear triangle, and the suspension […]

Mountain Bike Tyre Pressures – Everything You Need To Know

– Tyre pressure makes a big difference to how your bike rides, and there’s quite a few things that will influence how you set your tyre pressure such as the type of bike you’re putting your tyres on, the type of tyres you’ve got, the conditions you’re riding in, and also your skill level should […]