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Review: Riese & Muller Delite & Superdelite Full Suspension Electric Bike

– [Karen] Hi my name is Karen Wiener from The New Wheel and I’m joined today by Brett, my partner, to talk about one of the most singular bikes in our shop, the Riese & Müller Delite. This year Riese & Muller totally revamped the bike, it’s super exciting. And Brett, you’ve had some time […]

Jose Writes “What is an electric bike?”

Recently we received some mailings by carrier pigeon from all over the place with interesting questions. Jose from Grand Rapids, Michigan writes, “Dear The New Wheel, can you tell me what is an electric bike?” Jose, thanks for the question. Electric bikes are bicycles like you’ve never experienced them before. It’s a bicycle with an […]

The New Wheel Electric Bikes – A Bike Shop On A Mission

Hi, my name is Karen and I own and operate The New Wheel with my husband and partner Brett. We started The New Wheel really out of a concept. There was a technology in Europe that would make San Francisco a better place to live. Where transportation could be more human scale and more fun. […]

Review: Riese & Muller Charger Bosch Electric Bike

Hi, I’m Brett from The New Wheel Bike Shop. We are the Bay Area’s electric bike shop. Today I’m with the brand-new Riese & Müller Charger. This is Riese & Müller’s hardtail offering. It’s an awesome bike for all sorts of riders. So I’m going to tell you what it can do, who it may […]

All New 2019 E-Bike Tech | EMBN At Sea Otter Part 2

– Day two, Sea Otter Classic, in California. The sun is out, and today we’re gonna give you more bikes, more tech and more characters from the Sea Otter Classic. (exciting electronic sounds) Now, Fantic have massive history in the off-road world. They’ve been making motorcycles since 1968. But this bike has really grabbed my […]

Review: Riese & Muller Delite Full Suspension Electric Bike

So it’s mid-afternoon, and you’re sitting at your desk and you’re thinking about where else you might want to be. Maybe it’s on the beach or in the redwoods, or I don’t know. If it was me, I’d want to be eating an oyster in Marshall, which is where I grew up. The magic is […]

Jeanie writes “Should I get mid-drive or hub drive electric bike?”

♪ [music] ♪ Jeanie, from Mount Shasta, writes, “Dear The New Wheel, I live on a steep hill. Should I get a mid-drive or rear-hub drive E-bike? Sincerely, Jeanie.” Jeanie, it really depends on just how steep your hill is. Both types of bikes can do an excellent job for you. Rear-hub drives have a […]

Tern GSD in 1-Minute

So the GSD is only 180 centimeters long, about 5’10”, which, if you look at it, is the same size as virtually every other city bike or electric bike on the market. And we’re also one of the first companies to market with the dual battery Bosch system. With double batteries you get an effective […]

Review: Riese & Muller Load & Packster Bosch Electric Cargo Bikes

– [Brett] Hi. I’m Brett from The New Wheel electric bike shop in San Francisco and Marin. We have never sold a front-loading cargo bike before, and it’s because we haven’t really found any that really work in a really hilly place like the San Francisco Bay area. That all changes with the Riese & […]