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Make A Circle | Preschool Song | Super Simple Songs

Time to make a circle! Make a circle, big big big Small small small Big big big Make a circle, small small small Hello hello hello Make a circle, round and round Round and round Round and round Make a circle, round and round Hello hello hello Make a circle, up up up Down down […]

DIY Electric Mountain Bike

Hi, I’m Willy and This is my e-bike Build Log. The trick here is that I’m using wood panels to make the bike frame wide enough for the battery You can do this for yourself much easier if you use a bike frame with a big triangle that easily fits the batteries and your parts. […]

Make your own Sensored ESC || Electric Bike Conversion (Part 1)

Since warm seasons are slowly approaching, it was time for me to free my bicycle from dust and oil it’s chain And, as you can see its mechanical drive system still works without a problem. But for an electronics enthusiast like me, it is kind of boring… That is why I ordered an E – […]

Should You Ride Your E-Bike Derestricted? | Ask EMBN Anything About E Biking

– Welcome to the first ever Ask EMBN. Where we get to talk, not just about parts and products but people, places. – Basically anything you guys wanna know about Ebikes, Me and Steve will bang our heads together, combine our experience, knowledge and get back to you any questions you got, #ASKEMBN, drop in […]

Crossfit Air Exercise Bike for sale, Buy HIIT Air Bike Online

Concept2 BikeErg for Sale, Buy Indoor Exercise Bike Online No No, no Never gonna make That’s never gonna make it Are you just gonna taste? They can take it all day Tell me Are you just gonna take oh you fucking fight that Will you fucking fight that You for me fight Good enough there’s […]

how to make electric bike at low cost – full

maximum speed 25 km/h 30 to 32 km / charge Basic needs to make 24 v 250 w brushed DC motor Thorttle controller Dual freewheel Dual free wheel is not available in my country.I will make it,Keep watching Battery 12v 14 1amp x2 charger And a bicycle Let’s start It is rear wheel hub of […]