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Ollie’s Project One Trek Madone Disc Presenter Bike

(upbeat drum music) – This is my Trek Madone Disc. I absolutely love it and I mean I am a very lucky boy indeed. But before we go any further, I wanna tell you all the details about the bike. I think we should just take a minute. I mean, look at it. (fast-paced rock […]

Top 10 Iconic Road Bikes

This is a modern classic, winning Paris Roubaix twice, and the Tour de France. It took carbon technology up another notch, and the paint job is truly iconic. Pinarello Sword A conceptual bike that took Miguel Indurain to some of his most impressive time trial wins. This bike didn’t last long thanks to the UCI, […]

Ryan Mullen’s Trek Madone Race Shop Limited Pro Bike

(surround sound drums and metallic slicing sound) – I’m here with the bike of Ryan Mullen of Team Trek-Segafredo. And Mullen, he’s the current Irish National Road Race and Time Trial Champion, as well as being a Silver Medalist in the Under-23 World Championships, a few years ago. This is his Trek Madome, let’s take […]

The End Of Bike Upgrades? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 73

(upbeat music) – Welcome to the GCN TECH show. Coming up this week that’s talk about tires, upgrades, and all the usual features, including don’t ride upgrades, and the Bike Vault. – Right,sorry I can’t be with you, this week, lads. But well in case you couldn’t noticed I’m here at Giro D’Italia. Just check […]

2016 Trek Madone: The Ultimate Race Bike

The all-new Madone is a marvel in road cycling engineering, With unparalleled aerodynamics, unprecedented integration, and unmatched ride quality, Madone is more than a game-changer: It’s the ultimate race bike. Madone sets a new benchmark for aerodynamic performance, surpassing every other road bike both on the pavement and in the wind tunnel. It begins and […]

2016 Trek Madone: The technology behind the Ultimate Race Bike

The all-new Madone is a marvel in road cycling engineering. This bike will live in history as the product that transformed the standards of race bike performance forever. With unparalleled aerodynamics, unmatched ride quality, and unprecedented integration, this bike is the most advanced piece of cycling engineering in the history of the sport. The all-new […]

How to Properly Adjust Bicycle Shifting

The first step to adjusting the rear derailleur is to stretch out the rear derailleur wire by pre stretching the wire we help make our adjustments hold true for a longer period time. Grab the wire and pull the wire hard. It is more important to stretch a new wire. With an old wire you […]

New GCN Presenters! | The GCN Show Ep. 283

– It’s my t-shirt. – We might as well change racing news. – Yeah, use that you (bleep). – Welcome to the GCN Show brought to you by Wiggle. – This week we’ve got an announcement. – A big announcement. Coming up very shortly. Plus, following on from last week’s Ask GCN Anything we’ve also […]