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Ultrasonic Cleaning: How To Get A Super Clean Bike Chain & Cassette

Speaker: Cassettes and chains can get really dirty. Then everyone loves riding a clean bike. They look nicer, they’re faster, and the drivetrain is more efficient, and regular cleaning will make your components last longer. But cleaning takes time and effort, and it can be really difficult to get every last bit of dirt out […]

10 Pro Bike Setup Hacks | How To Make Your Bike More Pro

(logo swooshing) – A couple of weeks ago I got to give you a close look at my presenter bike. And in the time that I’ve owned the bike, I’ve made quite a few subtle changes to it so that it really suits me and my riding style. If you’ve ever wondered what pro setup […]

Why Your Road Bikes Gears Are Skipping | GCN Tech Clinic

(exciting music) – Welcome back to another episode of the GCN TECH Clinic, where I try and help and solve your bike related problems with years worth of knowledge that I’ve somehow managed to keep inside of my brain. Right, with no further ado then, let’s crack on. Actually, no, first up, if you got […]

MTB Tools To Keep In Your Car | Mountain Biking Car Boot Tool Kit

– So you want to do some mid-ride maintenance and I hope for you that the middle of your ride isn’t so devastatingly muddy as mine. But what if it is? Well here are some ideas for some things that might just earn their place to live inside your car or vehicle of choice full-time. […]

5 Things To Take On Every Bike Ride | Hacks For A Trouble-Free Ride

(objects colliding) – Expect the unexpected. Okay, it’s a bit of a cheesy saying, but it’s one that I like to live by, and in this video we have five hacks for a trouble-free ride. They’re all pretty small and simple things that you can easily take with you, but could mean the difference between […]

Mid Winter Bike Check | Road Bike Maintenance Tips

– The winter is a harsh time to ride, and nothing will bear the brunt of the elements more than your bicycle. Follow this quick guide to keep your wheels spinning sweetly this winter. So now that we’re inside in the warm and dry, we’re going to take a little bit of time to run […]

GMBN Tech Essentials Ep.5 | Replace MTB Gear Cables

– This is the GMBN Tech essential series Our easy to follow series of maintaining and looking after your bike. Now, although the transmission drivetrain of your bike does look quite complicated, it’s actually pretty simple when you take a good look at it. Now in last week’s video, we took a look at the […]

How To Stop Destroying Your E-Bike | Winter E-MTB Maintenance Mistakes

– Wet and cold winter conditions are no doubt where e-bikes really come into their own because you don’t really trudge through the mud, like you do on a regular mountain bike. However, the problem is you meet nature’s finest grinding paste, mud and sand and grit, and also water and they create some serious […]

Help! My Bike Is Making A Noise | How To Fix A Noisy Bike

– Now if your bike is making a noise other than perhaps the swooshing of rubber tires along the road or the occasional change of gear, then it is possible that you need to actually try and solve that noise. Now, it is not necessarily the easiest thing to actually diagnose because different people call […]

How to lubricate your bicycle chain | Cycling Weekly

Hi! My name is Al and today I’m going to show you how to lubricate your chain. Now before you say that’s ridiculous, of course I know how to do that, you’d be amazed by the amount of people who get it wrong. There’s a few pitfalls that you might come across and for most […]