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5 Bike Hacks for Internally Routed Cables – MTB, Road

Internally routed cables through our frames are a bit of a pain in the back, and definitely that’s how I feel right now, because I have to run a cable here to my seat post to install a “mighty” dropper post. And how do I do that without removing my bottom bracket? For those of […]

SHIMANO Dropper REMOTE??? – Shimano vs Woolf Tooth ReMote

Dropper post remotes… who doesn’t have one today? I know I’ve used the Wolf Tooth ReMote, I’ve used the 9point8 Digit, the KS Southpaw, the Bontrager Line and a couple of others, but with the introduction of the Shimano 12 speed XTR, they introduced this: the SL-MT800 dropper post remote. So why don’t we take […]

PUSHING Shimano Design – 12 speed Range with 11 Speed XT Derailleur

Hi everyone! One question that I’ve been getting a lot lately is whether we can push the limits of an 11 speed derailleur, and install it on a 12 speed drivetrain. So how good is this design from Shimano? Let’s take a closer look. For this test I’m going to use my 12 speed mixed […]

FACT: SRAM Eagle can use Shimano 12 speed Derailleurs!

Hey everyone, happy 2020!!! How were the Holidays? I hope everybody had a great time. I’m gonna start the year with a quick test that everybody is asking me for. I have a full SRAM Eagle X01 drivetrain on this Yeti SB100 and a lot of you guys ask me whether this would work if […]