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LA Sucks For Cycling | America’s Hidden Bike Riding Paradise

– The thing I hear a lot is LA sucks for riding, but the truth is, is that after digging in quite a bit, I found out that LA might not actually stink for riding that much, because Saxo Bank, currently Geraint Thomas, we’ve even heard Peter Sagan, back in the day, Lance Armstrong, have […]

Would You Pay $3500 For This Bike??? [Super 73 RX]

welcome back guys. I’m really excited to get this YouTube channel up and going again for my current subscribers. Kind of explain a little bit real quick about what you can expect that as channel are going to be doing weekly videos, specifically focused around technology, lifestyle, and videography. Today’s video is about the super […]

CaraCell – Spin Cycle

When you want me, privately I will summon, all you bleed Can’t forget, once let alone Spilling my guts, onto the floor Taking within, all I never own Picking up, where we want more Connecting to, that which we adorn Pretend so well, still truth is born Always something needed Never all the time Plain […]


so much going on here crazy so sick to ride here. everybody is driving so crazy you can basically do whatever you want stairgap the worlds biggest quarter pipe dropping in from up there discovered something this spot is full of all those banks such a paradise drops on drops worlds biggest quarter again that […]

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard – Which is Best?

(mid-tempo music) – What’s up, buddy? (laughs) Yeah. I ride a skateboard to work. And lately there have been a ton of these little scooters and things popping up everywhere, and I thought okay let’s look at maybe the cost of that vs owning one and what they’re doing and how they may be changing […]


full speed dude. jump into the cardboards lets build a street spot bar to flat boom almost bottomed out hey guys what’s up welcome to Hollywood marc Thanh and I travelled to LA we are at a motel now and right over there is the Hollywood sign there it is the famous sunset blvd which […]