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Huge Mountain Bike Crashes | GMBN November Fails And Bails

(crash noises) – Fails and bails time now, yeah. – I’m getting involved, never been in one of these. – The best crashes we got this month. Tell you what, we got some shockers. – Can’t be worse. – Or worse, yeah. I mean, this is a celebration of people’s bad moments. But, you know, […]

Epic Mountain Bike Crashes | GMBN Crash Reel April 2018

– [Blake] Hang on. I’m going to use this carbon seatpost as a hammer. (laughs) (hammering) Shed repairs going on. – Oh. Oh I’ve broke that. That was an accident. – Mum please stop coming in the shed, we’re trying to film Fails and Bails! – Welcome to this month’s Fails and Bails special. A […]

Improve Your Manual Skills | MTB Coaching With Neil

(grunge music) – Right, this is a how to manual video but with a difference today because I’m joined by a guest. This is Tom. You may have heard of Tom. He normally stands behind the camera, this time he’s in front of the camera. Tom can ride a bike. I’m sure he can manual […]