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How Hard Can You Ride A DIY E Bike? | Homebuild In The Bike Park

– Here on EMBN we’re lucky enough to ride some of the best ebikes out there. But those bikes come at quite a price for that performance. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got those ebike home-build kits. They got us thinking, “How capable are those bikes out on the trail?” Especially with […]

6 Ways To Open A Beer Using A Mountain Bike

– Ah… Oh man, it’s so good to get at the end of a good ride to have a nice cold beer on a hot day. – Or on a cold day to have a warm beer. – You have a warm beer Neil, that’s correct. – Of course, we drink responsibly and actually these […]

Chris Vs Blake | Trail Vs E-Bike Game Of Bike!

– Welcome back, you beautiful people and today is a very special game of bike. Now it’s MTB vs EMTB, and a few weeks ago Chris and I went to head to head in the streets of Bristol with a game of challenge of street bikes. Well, I kind of – Didn’t really work out […]