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Let Daniel take you for a spin, Londoner #348

As you can see I just came back from school, just had a bike ride with my friends. Here’s where I live. Here is my kitchen. My dad mainly cooks right here. Here’s a snack, make sure not to tell my mum. And here’s the snacks cupboard, I don’t know why that one was left […]

Nuda reacts to being called an “Electric” bike

Silence simple superb and supremely British reaction to almost almost killing someone Talk about sensationalism, of course, how can they get people to read their newspapers? Blah blah blah blah The biker is weaving through traffic. Weaving?! It’s called filtering The biker and bus driver don’t need words to express their mutual respect. That I […]

Can bike taxis really compete with Uber? | FT

Hailing a ride has never been easier, thanks to smartphone apps such as Uber. But in congested cities it can often be quicker to walk. A new London start-up reckons it has the answer – a faster, cleaner, cheaper alternative – that doesn’t rely on the gig economy. But can pedal power compete? We’re going […]

Riding 6-Foot Bikes + Punting in London | Travel Dares S2 Ep 6

Neil Laughton: OK, ride towards… Caroline Aghajanian: Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God, ah! On this episode of “Travel Dares,” Nico and I are going to learn how to ride penny-farthing bicycles. Neil: Push, push, push, hop up, up. Nico Reyes: And I’m taking Caroline to Cambridge University, where we’re gonna learn […]

Cycling London’s Bicycle Super Highways

Will Norman: There are over 730 thousand daily journeys made by bike in London over the years since 2000 we’ve seen one hundred and fifty three percent increase in cycling across all of London but in central London the story is even better we’ve seen a 253 percent increase since 2000 and that is a […]