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Mazda RX-8 Hillclimb Episode 3: Pagoda

How many exhaust pops can you count in this episode? Staging at start line Safety gear checkFinish line Max Speed: 105 MPH Too much entry speed and trail braking Full length in-car with a few small slides 10,000 RPMs

Downhill Mountain Biking in Colombia – Marcelo Gutiérrez 2013

My name is Marcelo Gutiérrez Villegas, and for me, downhill represents what I have been working and fighting for all my life. It has been my career for around 12 years, for which I have done a lot of sacrifices. It’s all the results and objectives that I’m going for, and all the goals for […]


hey guys what’s up and welcome back to Audi nines we are filming this right now after the session the day went by so fast and then we went to shred the free ride line I haven’t been hitting it until then but now I did and it was so much fun Robert shot something […]


Yo guys whats up! Today we are back at my homespot. I rode here last week with the slope bike already. Today Iam neither with my slope nor with my dirt bike. I brought the Freeride rig! Iam currently setting up my fork and my rear shock with two pumps. (bikehaaack) Because I’ve planned to […]

How To Brake To Go Faster | MTB Skills

– Braking to go faster? Yep, that’s right. What I’m really talking about here is trying to improve your breaking technique, to smooth it out, find more grip on the trail, and that could make you faster. I think braking well is one of those skills that just improves the more time you spend on […]


Hi everyone, I hope you’re fine! Today, new riding session and today we will test this new red Inspired Fourplay, Even if it should not change too much from the green as only the color changes! I should pretty much find my marks on it. Today we are on the skatepark entirely in concrete where […]

How To Set Up & Index Road Bike Gears | Road Bike Maintenance

– Skipping or badly performing gears are a terrible thing to have. The game of gear roulette when you shift a lever and hoping the chain goes onto the correct sprocket can be a frustrating thing. So let’s solve those gearing problems. (futuristic music) Now in the setup we’re looking at today, it’s operated by […]

Bosch E-Bike Motoren – der große Vergleich

Hallo ich bin’s wieder. Dein Willi von Fafit24! Heute stelle ich dir die 4 verschiedenen Bosch eBike Motoren vor. Hier unterscheiden wir zwischen dem Bosch Active Line Bosch Active Line Plus Bosch Performance Line Bosch Performance Line CX Als erstes zeige ich dir den Bosch Active Line: Dieser Active Line Motor wird vor allem in […]

Which Way Is Down?

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. Down here. But which way is down? And how much does down weigh? Well, down weighs about a 100th of a gram per cubic centimeter. It is light and airy, which makes it a great source of insulation and buoyancy for water birds. But if you let go of down… It […]