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Road Bike Maintenance : How to Make Shift Adjustments to a Road Bike

We also want to make sure that the height of our derailer when we are shifting to the smallest chambering is we have clearance to shift up and down, nothing hits. We are parallel with the chambering; we can see that if we look from the front we are parallel. Then to make sure that […]

Caught speeding on a bicycle? Is it possible? |SickSeries#48

Hey guy´s, it´s us again, Sick Series back after my collarbone injury with the second episode – and it´s gonna be quite interesting we thought about something pretty special Is it possible to be caught in a speed trap? is it possible? As kid I always wanted to know if it´s possible and in this […]

Too Extreme? What’s The Limit For Bike Racing? | The GCN Show Ep. 298

– From a seriously windy crossroad in the middle of nowhere, just south of Dublin, welcome to The GCN Show. – Welcome to The GCN Show, brought to you by our mates over at Wiggle. – This week we’re asking whether the thirst for extreme is going too far. – We have got the best […]