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Between the Races – Episode 3 – Mark Wallace

We are in Duncan British Columbia in Vancouver Island So, I’ve lived here in Maple Bay in this house, actually for my whole life yeah, I always look forward to coming home after races it’s a place that I grew up in, and you know all my friends and family are here, so I feel […]

One Fast Dude | Nebraska Stories | NET Nebraska

pinning) NARRATOR: Let’s just say it, Ashton Lambie’s a really interesting dude. (rock music) There’s the handlebar mustache, tattoos, tree trunk legs, a music performance major in college, analytical mind, laid back personality. Plus he can effortlessly rip down a country road at 25 miles an hour. (upbeat guitar) ASHTON LAMBIE: I like, you know, […]

Would You Widebody An Evo? | From The Gallery EP.50 Lowering Springs Edition

– [Dakota] You good? (chuckles) We gotta do something funny. – I did something funny. – Was that funny? (Gels laughs) Would that be funny enough for the intro? We need something funny, but not too much funny stuff has happened. – It’s all been bad. – Yeah. – Sad. – Coronavirus. – Coronas. – […]

Triumph Street Triple RX – Custom Barker Motorcycle Exhaust

Hi guys welcome back to another MD video, today we are heading to Barker motorcycle systems for the possible development and then later possible install of my very own custom exhaust system for my Triumph Street Triple RX stay tuned There you go guys thanks to Claire at Barker motorcycle systems, if you want to […]


I like those gym sessions. Try to make a new PB! Love it. Lets start my training again! It was fun, its pretty hot I feel like I’m getting a cold And people.. Thanks for watching. See you guys at the next video Don’t forget to like, subscribe and leave a nice comment Till next […]