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Canyon Ultimate CF EVO Disc | GCN Tech First Look

– You’ve got to love a brand new bike! This is the new Canyon Ultimate CF Evo Disc. (zapping) This bike is the latest in an evolution that started the Canyon all the way back in 2004 with a bike that was called the Project 3.7. The idea behind that project was to explore the […]

Even More Hot New Cycling Tech From The Taipei Cycle Show 2019!

(light electronic music) – Welcome to Hot Tech at the 2019 Taipei Bike Show, part two. This show is massive and that’s why we have to do another video, couldn’t fit it all in one video but to fully appreciate how big it is, I kind of really have to show you like all the […]

New Cadex First Look | Hot Tour de France Tech

– It’s the 2019 Tour de France and I’m in Brussels for the Grand Depart. It’s a hive of activity here, there’s loads going on. One of the most exciting things is the launch of a brand new components brand called Cadex. Now, while at the Grand Depart, Cadex invited us down to the launch […]

The Kirk Precision Magnesium Bike | The Revolution That Never Happened

– Whilst at Goldnave Cycles in Bicester, I got a glimpse of a few of these Kirk Precision frames. Now, I’ve not actually seen any of these for quite a number of years, probably over twenty, in fact, and well, Brian, he’s even got three of these here, so I thought I’m going to share […]

UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

[birds chirping] [chatter]>>Reyes: So, riding this bike, this is one of my last sessions before the fight. And, uh, it kinda sucks because I have to work so much harder just to get my heart rate up. This is what it takes though, man. Gotta work your ass off if you wanna be the champ. […]

Why Ollie Chose Rim Brakes For His New Pinarello Dogma F12

– This absolute beauty is my brand new Pinarello Dogma F12 with rim brakes. In GCN colors. It’s the exact same model as ridden by Team INEOS in the Tour de France and it’s available in both rim brakes and disc brakes. Now, I’m going to tell you all about my new bike and why […]

Alumina 3 Bike Rack Intro – Softride Bike Rack

This is the Softride Aluimina 3 bike rack. It’s a lightweight aluminum rack. The base weight is 12 pounds, so it’s easy to install and de-install from the rear of your vehicle. This is a hitch-mounted rack that attaches to the inch-and-a-quarter and two-inch receiver hitches with the equipment in the box. The arms are […]

Bob Jungels’ Specialized Tarmac SL6 Disc

(mechanical sounds) – I’m here with the brand new bike of Bob Jungels of Quick-Step Floors. Jungels himself is a very accomplished rider. Two time winner of the Young Rider Classification at the Giro D’Italia, as well as a stage winner there too. This is his brand new specialised S-Works SL6 Tarmac disc bike. (chill […]