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SHIMANO Dropper REMOTE??? – Shimano vs Woolf Tooth ReMote

Dropper post remotes… who doesn’t have one today? I know I’ve used the Wolf Tooth ReMote, I’ve used the 9point8 Digit, the KS Southpaw, the Bontrager Line and a couple of others, but with the introduction of the Shimano 12 speed XTR, they introduced this: the SL-MT800 dropper post remote. So why don’t we take […]

Tusk Motorcycle & ATV Folding Shift Lever

– What’s up everyone? I am Chase, here at Rocky Mountain ATV MC coming at you with the folding shift lever from Tusk. So I think it’s safe that say that just about all of us like a little bit of character, a little bit of style for our Motorcycles or ATVs, so if you’re […]

How Do Bike Gears Work? | Bicycle Gears Explained

– Bicycles have gears to help you ride more efficiently when going uphill, downhill, and on the flat across all varied terrain. Without easy gears, you’d grind to a halt when trying to go up steep hills and without bigger gears, well you wouldn’t be able to pedal fast enough when going downhill. But how […]

How to Replace Your Motorcycle Brake Lever and Motorcycle Clutch Lever

Replacing the stock levers on a bike is a cheap way to improve ergonomics and feel for the bike, especially if your stock levers offer no adjustment. Tools you’ll need are a wrench, lubricant, grease, flat head screwdriver and allen keys. We’ll do the easy one first, the brake lever. Unscrew the retaining bolt from […]

Folding And Unfolding The Ahooga Bike (Tutorial 2019)

Set the speed shifter on 4th gear Mudguards tucked in Left pedal at 6 o’clock Front wheel steered right Push the top tube down Rest the handlebar on the outside of your left leg Open the caliper lever Big lever first Take the wheel by the center (right hand) Left hand on the stem Close […]

How To Fit And Remove Difficult E Bike Tyres

– Now I’m sure all very familiar with the situation when a tire simply does not want to play ball. So today we’re gonna look at how to deal with those stubborn tires. (rapid electronic sounds) Now it feels like for my sins, I’ve been called in to tell you just how to deal with […]

Brake Lever Mounting & Positioning – Upright Bars

In this video, we’ll walk though brake lever mounting and positioning on upright handlebars. Brake lever mounting and positioning is part of our video series – The Park Tool Guide to Rim Brakes. Watch this video to see how we’ve organized the content in the series. Otherwise, let’s begin. Hello, Calvin Jones here with Park […]

Proper wheel installation and removal with a quick release with washers

Hey guys, I’m Ben from Trek with a reminder about an important part on your bike  that is also one of the most simple to operate and that’s your quick release, So, this is a quick release. It’s important partly because it keeps your wheel attached to your bike’s frame. Now, there’s are a number of different […]

How to Remove and Install a Wheel on a Bicycle

In this video, we’ll show you how to remove and install a wheel on your bike. Hello, Calvin Jones here with Park Tool Company. First, let’s go over the tools and supplies needed. This process is typically done without any tools, but if your bike is equipped with a solid axle, you will need an […]