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Go sama sama. Go together.

Have you ever wondered what the story is behind a t-shirt? Who designed it? What’s it mean? Well the story this t-shirt takes us to Las Vegas. We are in Las Vegas, Nevada. My name is Randy Barcena and I moved here six years ago from California but before California I was born and raised […]

Bike People Season 1, Episode 109 – Interbike

>>Today on “Bike People:” We find out what happened in Vegas by the trade show. We meet all kinds of people and try to even the score. All of that and more straight ahead on “Bike People.”>>Announcer: “Bike People” is Brought to you in part by: The Des Moines Bicycle Collective, promoting bicycling As a […]

This foldable electric scooter is slow on purpose

(funky music) – Hey everybody. This is Sean from the Verge. I’m here at CES 2018, and I’m, maybe obviously, on an electric scooter. This is the Relync Electric Scooter, and it’s not the same kind of flashy electric scooter we’re used to here at CES. It has a range of 30 kilometers which is […]

Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Handle Vegas

– Holy Aaron Paul, I’m in Las Vegas, city of spin. Let’s go see if we can smooch a prastitite, and have a good time. (funky music) Holy snopes, would you look at the size of this pirate boat. They say its 100 feet big, and it sinks if you don’t believe in Christ. $3 […]

8 Of The Best Smart Bike Tech From CES 2017

– The Consumer Electronic Show is the place for tech brands to launch new products. So phones, TVs, computers, and then also weird stuff like electric surfboards and smart hairbrushes. But it’s also becoming more and more important for bikes. We’ve seen loads of gadgets and tech launched there as well. So, coming up are […]