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KTM FREERIDE E-XC (2018) – Pour ou Contre ?

Hey It’s late Spring and I don’t have much light left to finish this video, so I’ll hurry up. As promised I’ll speak about pros and cons. I’ll try to separate whether it’s specific to the bike being electric or not. The first thing that bother me. Now that the bike as 600km. In 5 […]

KTM Freeride 250F Test: inarrestabile! [ENGLISH SUB]

HEllo everyone from Spain, we’re here to test the new KTM Freeride 250F with an all new engine which takes the place of the 350 4 strokes and 250 2 strokes, it has a power of 20 HP which can be increased up to 26 the design is totally new with the graphics already printed […]

First Ride on The Hydraulic Clutch!

What is going on guys I’m gonna make you a short little video today because I didn’t really get anything out last week And I’m still struggling to get something out this week So I just want to give you guys a little bit of an update enough of me Let me show you what […]

KTM Freeride E – My First Dirt Bike Training

Oh yeah! Look at the horses! What’s going on here? Woohoo! He fell. Riding on snow… Just very slowly, put both feet down and just slide slowly over. Very little speed. Very gentle with the speed. Just enough to move you forward. Oh yeah! There you go! The same here. Careful. Yeyyyyy! Cuz I have […]

NEW KTM 1190 ADVENTURE Review, Drag Race, & First Ride Impressions o#o

Hey what’s up ladies and gentletubers it’s eveRide welcome to the badlands! Today we get GoatCabeza’s brand new KTM 1190 adventure nice and dirty. We’ll follow it with a drone give you our first impressions, and drag race it against the DRZ400 Black Widow. You’re not going to want to miss it so stick around. […]